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In the words of some recent customers:

“This coaching intervention had a huge impact on the organisation; I even saw it in the Business results”

“I have experienced personal growth and gained self-confidence. I am embarking on various unfamiliar grounds with new ideas and it is reassuring to draw on Marina as sounding board to confirm that my information and direction are on course. Marina highlights the aspects of my work and experience in a very objective manner”

“As I started applying the new skills I acquired through Mariana’s coaching, I started to become more productive and became hungry for more challenging situations where I could make a difference and add value.”

“Marina has helped me to identify key areas for improvements and introduced me to a number of key concepts to help me develop into a competent manager. The result proved to be extremely valuable and the Company that I word for has already seen a vast improvement in implementing the learning I received."

“It made me think differently, realise opportunities, strengths and weaknesses in myself. Opened my eyes to the sometimes obvious”

“Mariana’s coaching made me realise that I needed to start looking at adapting to the different managerial and leadership competencies as well as learn how to change my management style to suit different personalities and situations.”

“Dr le Grange was involved in various sessions with me and my direct subordinates. Over these two years there was a positive result within the team dynamics and it definitely resulted into a more cohesive team. I learned more about myself, but also more about the people that you are working with.”

“This has by far been the most informative learning process I have ever taken and was the topping that has allowed me to finally leap to venture into my own
business, thank you, Mariana”

“I am now ready to manifest my dreams and to not fear failure but to anticipate it and work around it.”

“Mariana, Thank you very much for taking the time to offer your services as it really change lives.”

“I have started using the communication strategy that my coach introduced me to, which enables me to address the individuals whose behaviour is counterproductive and I am excited to start to observe a change in their behaviour patterns.”