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Dr Marina le Grange

Dr Marina le Grange has been involved in coaching for more than 20 years. She is an Organisational and Personal Development expert.

She is involved in Management and Leadership Development in industry, which includes the design, development and facilitation of learning solutions. Within the context of business strategy, she uses coaching as a tool to assist Senior Managers and their teams, as well as mid-level Managers and their direct reports in transforming their lives and reaching their maximum potential.

Over and above a Doctorate in the Psychology of Education, she completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching at the University of Stellenbosch’s Executive Development Company. She is currently registered at the Professional Body for coaching, COMENSA.

Mariana Pretorius

Mariana Pretorius is an Organisational and Personal Development expert. Her experience in the field of performance enhancement is highly sought after. In her career thus far, she has focussed on the optimisation of emotional intelligence, engagement and communication effectiveness applied in interpersonal relationship development, strategic planning and change management. She specifically focuses on coaching clients to identify and negotiate win-win, mutually beneficial solutions in challenging situations. As an industrial psychologist she is qualified to administer and interpret a variety of standardised psychometric instruments that are utilised when appropriate.

She has a specific talent to establish a relationship of trust with her clients. Her background in the economic and management sciences creates a mind-set of focussing on the contribution the individual makes to the work environment and the labour market. Additionally to her post graduate studies, she completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching at the University of Stellenbosch’s Executive Development Company. She is also a Logotherapist with a qualification in Logotherapy accredited by the Victor Frankl Institute (USA).


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